Fr. Paul Kammen Photography

Fr. Paul Kammen Photography

Thans for stopping by my photo page.

I'm Father Paul Kammen, a Catholic priest serving the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (though as a Minneapolis guy it pains me to put Saint Paul first) at the wonderful parish of Saint Joseph's of Rosemount. I live with the greatest dog in the world, Kirby, a rescue golden pyrnees. 117 pounds of fluffy fun.

I'm 40 years of age, and 2018 is my 11th year of priesthood. A U of M grad in political science, I did feel God tugging at my heart, so entered seminary after college and truly don't think I could be fulfilled in any other position.

Priesthood is my vocation, but I also have a number of hobbies. Of course, a main interest for me is photography. I fell in love with it when getting a "point in shoot" while I was in seminary.

Eventually, wanting to do more with photography, I picked up a "DSLR." I currently shoot with a Canon 7D Mark II and 70D and various lenses. I've really taken an interest in the hobby, joining the Minnesota Nature Photography Club, and shooting many pictures. Every day there's so much in the world we miss or don't take the time to see; photography I believe tells a story, captures great memories, and gives us the chance to appreciate the world more. For me, it's also a great escape to be out in nature or to see God's creation, and can often be a spiritual experience too.

In particular, I fell in love with nature and landscape photography with an emphasis on birds. While at a nature center one day a gentleman pointed out a bird called a "warbler" and I actually hadn't heard of them if you can believe it. When I saw a bright yellow bird hopping around, I was hooked after learning more about them and other birds. Now I'm at a point where I'll drive a couple of hundred miles to see a bird, and on my day off will spend it primarily photographing birds. The great thing with Minnesota is there are wonderful spots, and many birds nest here too.

I opened a Smug Mug page as I thought I could share some of my shots and, who knows, maybe someone might like to have a picture or two to hang in their home. I'm always open to feedback and trying to improve, so welcome it.

Thanks for browsing through my galleries.

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God bless,
Fr. Paul